Joyseekers Womens Conference

Feb 23, 2019

Jill Donovan

Ladies, this event is just for you! TheJoyseekers Wormens conference  is set for Saturdayy, February 23 at First Baptist Church Center at 117 Cora in Center Texas fromXXXXX. until XXXX. Ladies will discover an array of opportunities and information appealing to women of all ages.

Our special guest speaker, nationally-known Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff.

Jill  began her business while spending time with her children during the day and teaching law at the University of Tulsa in the evenings. Teaching herself leather making and metal design in her guest bedroom, Rustic Cuff came to life for Donovan after she began sharing her creations as gifts for friends. Those friends’ encouragement led her to launch a business.

Jill Donovan is a role model for many women. Not only did she start a successful business from the ground up, but she also started a movement in the fashion and jewelry industries, We are extremely excited that she graciously agreed to speak at the Joyseekers Conference this year.